mamentjs format -- Обозначения в строке формата (буквы и их значения)

Если объединить:

YYYY 	2014 	4 or 2 digit year
YY 	14 	2 digit year
Y 	-25 	Year with any number of digits and sign
Q 	1..4 	Quarter of year. Sets month to first month in quarter.
M MM 	1..12 	Month number
MMM MMMM 	Jan..December 	Month name in locale set by moment.locale()
D DD 	1..31 	Day of month
Do 	1st..31st 	Day of month with ordinal
DDD DDDD 	1..365 	Day of year
X 	1410715640.579 	Unix timestamp
x 	1410715640579 	Unix ms timestamp

For these, the lowercase tokens use the locale aware week start days, and the uppercase tokens use the ISO week date start days.
Input 	Example 	Description
gggg 	2014 	Locale 4 digit week year
gg 	14 	Locale 2 digit week year
w ww 	1..53 	Locale week of year
e 	0..6 	Locale day of week
ddd dddd 	Mon...Sunday 	Day name in locale set by moment.locale()
GGGG 	2014 	ISO 4 digit week year
GG 	14 	ISO 2 digit week year
W WW 	1..53 	ISO week of year
E 	1..7 	ISO day of week

Часы минуты секунды и временное смещение:
Input 	Example 	Description
H HH 	0..23 	Hours (24 hour time)
h hh 	1..12 	Hours (12 hour time used with a A.)
k kk 	1..24 	Hours (24 hour time from 1 to 24)
a A 	am pm 	Post or ante meridiem (Note the one character a p are also considered valid)
m mm 	0..59 	Minutes
s ss 	0..59 	Seconds
S SS SSS 	0..999 	Fractional seconds
Z ZZ 	+12:00 	(timezone) Offset from UTC as +-HH:mm, +-HHmm, or Z 


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