PHP desktop - PHP для рабочего стола

php desktop - нетрадиционная версия PHP, который обычно используется на серверах. Но эта версия здорово помогает начинающим (хотя сделана скорее для "продолжающих")))
Позволяет использовать PHP-интерпретатор без "настоящих" программ веб сервера, типа "апач".

Изначально подразумавается, что данная версия может быть использована для создания "десктопных" приложений средствами php - то есть приложений, которые целиком работают на той же машине, за которой "сидит" человек, но при этом интефейс, как и в браузере проектируется средствами html.

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PHP Desktop is an open source project founded by Czarek Tomczak in 2012 to provide a way for developing native desktop GUI applications using web technologies such as PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and SQLite. The development workflow you are used to while creating web applications remains the same. There is no new API/framework to learn. The process of turning an existing website into a desktop application is basically a matter of copying it to the "phpdesktop/www/" directory.

In a certain sense phpdesktop acts as a PHP to EXE compiler. It embeds a web browser, a multithreaded web server and a PHP interpreter. All embedded into a single application. The web server embedded is Mongoose (the MIT-licensed version). Supported browsers are Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The package with Chrome embedded has no external dependencies, everything is included in the phpdesktop binaries and works out of the box on a user's computer.

All popular PHP frameworks are supported, see the PHP frameworks support wiki page for example configurations for CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Yii and Zend Framework. You can create a standalone executable for distribution with the help of the Inno Setup installer. PHP sources can be protected with the many of the available PHP encoders. PHP Desktop is released under non-restrictive license, thus it is free for commercial use.

It is one of the top goals for PHP Desktop to be stable, to work reliably. PHP Desktop does not suffer from memory leaks. PHP by design was never intended for running long hours/days, as desktop applications usually do. This is not a concern when using PHP Desktop, as it is running an internal web server and serving pages through CGI. So when PHP script ends execution PHP-CGI process is killed and all memory is always freed.

Lots of other useful information can be found on the KnowledgeBase wiki page and on the Forum.

PHP Desktop Chrome - go to the DownloadChrome wiki page.
PHP Desktop MSIE (Internet Explorer) - go to the DownloadMSIE wiki page.

PHP Desktop is not strongly tied to PHP, it can also act as a packager for any other scripting languages like Perl, Ruby, Python, that provide a CGI interface for script execution. See the EmbeddingOtherScriptingLanguages wiki page to download examples for other languages.

See the Hello World! example
Documentation is on the wiki pages. Start with the KnowledgeBase, Settings and ChromeSettings wiki pages.
Having problems or questions? Go to the PHP Desktop Forum.
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